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Content Marketing

Do you want to learn how to create and deploy a content marketing strategy that will generate you customers?

How This Course Is Delivered

This course has been created to teach you, from the very beginning right up to the end where lead becomes a customer, how to build and deploy a highly effective content marketing system.  This has been designed by customer acquisition specialists with over 20 years worth of experience who are also on hand to help guide you.

Content Marketing Course

Here I show you the fundamentals of content marketing and show you why it plays a vital role in the sales process.

Analysing The Market
Analysing the Market

Lets start at the beginning and analyse who is going to buy your product and why. Once we know this we can build content tailored to their needs.

Creating The Conversation
Marketing Conversation WIth Audience

You need to know what to say and when. Here I break down how the conversation changes throughout the sales process.

Creating The Content
Creating Content For Marketing

Let's look at how to pin point what subjects to talk about and then how to create the content.

Sales Generating Content
Content For Lead Generation

You need to be closing sales or supporting the close with content. Here I show you how create it.

Analysing The Results
Market Research Analysis

Right lets analyse how effective the new content marketing strategy is.

Questions And Answers:

Yes if you need anything I am available via email most of the time and at weekends. I want you to succeed so I am willing to be your co-pilot!

This has been designed to work for pretty much everyone selling something online. From e-commerce to consultancies and business 2 business.

Yes the only cost is the course fee. There are no upsells etc.

No this can be done using Google Analytics, Facebook Stats and Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

This starts at the absolute beginning and works up so it really doesn’t matter what level you are to start with.

The courses are anything from 3 to 10 hours. The courses are split up into sections which range from 5 minute to 30 minutes videos so you don’t have to sit there and do the full course in one go.

Yes you will get a business invoice which you can use to write off against any tax bill you may have!

No all the courses are pre-recorded. You can go in at your leisure.

You have life time access and get any updates to the course you buy for free.

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