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5 Day Free Email Mastery Course

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Free Email Course

5 Day  Free Email Course
Here is what you are about to learn…

1: Doesn't Work...
email Marketing course

Why Your Email Doesn't Work : I want to show you why most email marketing doesn't work. Once you are aware of it you can then work on fixing it!

2: Personas

How To Create Personas : Creating personas is the foundation of all marketing. You need to do this so that you can talk to your target audience and convert them.


3: Sequences
key email sequences

How To Build Email Sequences : You need to understand how to structure a sequence to make a sale. Here I show you how to build sequences to do just this.

4: Leads
B2B Lead Generation

How To Generate Leads : Understanding email marketing is nothing without leads to market to. Here I show you how to build a lead generation system.

5: Email You Need
B2b Email Strategy

What Email Sequences Do You Need? Here I show you a breakdown of what email sequences you need.


5 out of 5
9 Ratings

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