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5 Day Free Agency Course

5 out of 5
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Here is what the ‘Agency BluePrint’ contains:
…what you are about to learn how to do!

This blueprint has been designed from decades worth of experience to show you how to launch and growth an agency.

1:Why + Cash Flow

Why Set Up An Agency and Cash Flow : Let's look at why you are doing this and the number one problem that all start up agencies encounter and that is cash flow.

2: Sales Ladders
SMMA Value Sales Ladder

Value Sales Ladders : The main thing I want you to get from this course is how to structure your agency. Here I show you the basics of setting up a value sales ladder and how it solves your cash flow problems.

3: Leads
B2B Lead Generation

Inbound Leads and Sales Funnels : The whole marketing system that I am going to show you how to implement relies on in bound marketing and sales funnels. Here I show you the basics on how to set this up.

4: Relationships

Relationship Based Marketing : Most big deals come from various forms of relationships based selling. Here I show you the various forms of relationship based selling and the principals of how to do this.

5: Pitching
agency pitching clients

The Science of Pitching : Here I am going to show you a basic process that will make you close many more deals than anyone else!

5 out of 5
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