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David Tainsh
3 reviews

10 Day Free Affiliate Marketing Course

The basics of setting up an affiliate program in 10 days!
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The Basics of Affiliate Marketing In 10 Days!

Day 1:

The Basics: What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing and does it work? We explain the terminology and various methodologies used.

Day 2:

Different Types Of affiliate:

There are 3 different types of affiliate. What are they and how do you get them selling for you?

Day 3:

Affiliate Platform V Affiliate Network:

What is the difference between an ‘Affilaite Platform’ and an ‘Affiliate Network’. 

Day 4:

Building Out Sales Funnels For Affiliates:

To get affiliates active they need the right sales tools. Here I show you how to build out sales funnels for them.

Day 5:

Affiliate Features:

What features do affiliates need to be able to generate sales for you?

Day 6:

Where to Find Affiliates:

You are all set up and ready to go now where do you find affiliates to push your program?

Day 7:

Affiliate Marketing Product Placement:

Affiliate marketing places your product differently from normal marketing. Here I show you the difference. 

Day 8:

Training Affiliates:

Affiliate need to training to be able to sell your products. 

Day 9:

Why you Shouldn't Use Cash Back Sites:

You don’t need cash back sites. Here I tell you why.

Day 10:

Why Affiliate Traffic Is The Best Source Of Traffic:

Trust me on this your big sales should be coming from affiliate traffic and here I show you why.

10 Day Free Affiliate Marketing Course!
3 reviews
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