This course is for advertising agencies and in house affiliate marketing departments. 

Hello my fellow agency owner,

Over the next 3 months I want to get your agency booming!

Maybe you are already operational or you are just starting out. The main thing I am going to show you is how to structure your agency so that you have a constant stream of inbound leads, how to create a value ladder so that you can monetise the leads on numerous levels creating a constant cash flow and how to pitch and close big deals!

This blueprint is universal and will work for advertising, marketing, social media, design etc agencies.

I have been doing this since 1998. I have set up highly successful and some highly unsuccessful agencies so I am talking from hands on experience. 

I am going to walk you through step by step how to first get to £10k per month and then onto £100k per month! 

Here is what the ‘Agency Blueprint’ contains:
…what you are about to learn how to do!

This blueprint is designed to teach you how to launch and scale agencies  including:

1: The Initial Build
case studies sales

Agencies are set up in different ways to achieve different objectives. Here we look at what do you want from your agency.

2: Cash Flow

Cash flow and product creation. Most agencies don't work as they don't understand cash flow management. Here we show you how to create products which will keep you cash flow positive.

3: Lead Generation
B2B Lead Gen

The basics of lead generation and how to build sales funnels for your agency.

4: Client Acquisition
B2B Social Media Sales

Client Acquisition on Social Media : Here we show you a strategy to get clients from social media and then apply it to all the different channels.

5: Relationship

Relationship-Based Selling : This is quite a broad spectrum of types of selling. From event speaking to ambassador programs. This is where you get most of your large clients.

6: Online Markets
get clients from upwork

Online Market Places : From 'UpWork' To 'People Per Hour'. Here we show you how to get regular business from them.

7: Pitching Clients
agency pitching clients

The Science of Pitching : The science of pitching : This is a methodology we have used thousands of times to secure big contracts.

8: Delivery Process
B2b Sales Close

Sales and delivery process. The process that you deliver projects is vital to ensure that you get paid and the customer gets want they want.

9:Client Onboarding
agency client onboarding

Client Relationships : You need to be able to effectively onboard clients for two reasons. One is to ensure you have a successful relationship and the other is legal. Here I show you how.

10: Consultations
free consultation sales

Free Consultations : The best way to close big clients is using 'free consultations/strategy calls'. Here I show you how to deploy these effectively.

11: Content
email content creation

Content Creation : Here I show you how to build content that will be used to close big deals.

Step By Step:
agency step by step guide

Agency Step by Step Set Up

A full-blown step by step walk through showing you everything you need to know to get an agency up and running.

Design Agency:
Design Agency Course

Design Agency step by step walkthrough showing you how to set up the VSL, lead generation, sales funnel and create proposals.

PPC/SEO Agency
PPC SEO Agency Course

PPC/SEO Agency step by step walkthrough showing you how to set up the VSL, lead generation, sales funnel and create proposals.

SMMA Course

Social Media Marketing Agency step by step walkthrough showing you how to set up the VSL, lead generation, sales funnel and create proposals.

Questions And Answers:

Yes if you need anything I am available via email most of the time and at weekends. I want you to succeed so I am willing to be your co-pilot!

This can be used for the majority of agencies working in the creative advertising sector. From ‘Social Media’ to ‘PPC’ and ‘Design’ companies.

Yes the only cost is the course fee. There are no upsells etc.

You need to buy in CRM sofware which you can get for less than $10 per month.

This starts at the absolute beginning and works up so it really doesn’t matter what level you are to start with.

The courses are anything from 3 to 10 hours. The courses are split up into sections which range from 5 minute to 30 minutes videos so you don’t have to sit there and do the full course in one go.

Yes you will get a business invoice which you can use to write off against any tax bill you may have!

No all the courses are pre-recorded. You can go in at your leisure. 

You have life time access and get any updates to the course you buy for free.