This course is for advertising agencies and in house affiliate marketing departments. 

Are you ready to unlock a world of endless income streams and establish yourself as the ultimate authority in driving traffic within your industry?

Setting up your very own ‘affiliate network’ is the game-changer you’ve been searching for, and here’s why it’s your ticket to rapid success:

Signing up clients becomes a breeze with the ‘pay per sale/lead’ model – no more cold calling 100 plus people and signing zero. You should now get a 1 in 5 sign-up rate!

Plus, you’ll be cashing in on a percentage of those lucrative monthly fees from top earners, ensuring your bank account sees rapid growth!

But wait, there’s more! Our comprehensive agency course will guide you through every step of the process, from recruiting top-tier affiliates to sourcing the hottest companies in the market.

And the best part? Our universal blueprint is tailored to fit every niche, whether you’re in B2B, B2C, SaaS, or beyond. We’ve got the strategies to skyrocket your success, no matter your industry!

But fear not, fellow entrepreneur – you won’t be tackling this journey alone. Our dedicated team is here for you 24/7, providing unwavering support every step of the way.

Join me, David Tainsh, and let’s turn your agency into an unstoppable force in the world of affiliate marketing!

Here is what the ‘Affiliate Blueprint’ contains:
…what you are about to learn how to do!

This blueprint is designed to teach you how to launch and scale affiliate programs  including:

1: The Basics
affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing and does it work? We explain the terminology and various methodologies used.

2: Sale Structure

Here we look at the basic structure of a sale and we show you a universal highly effective way to build out sales funnels which can be used with your affiliate program.

3 : Setting Up The Basics
affiliate marketing basics

Here we look at how you first set out when building out an affiliate program. From creating a sales system to identifying affiliates.

4: Recruiting Affiliates
how to recruit affiliates

Here we show you how to recruit average sixed and large affiliates. We show you how to approach them and them active

5: Fraud Control
affiliate marketing fraud control

Where To Start : You need to identify who your audience is and why they are buying from you. This is the data that your campaigns are built on.

6: Pitching For Business

This section is for advertising agencies looking to get clients for affiliate marketing services. We show you how to write proposals and how to bill clients.

7: How To Set Up An Affiliate Network
how to set up an affiliate network

Here I show you how you can set up your own affiliate network for less than $250 per month.

Case Study : SaS Platform
affiliate marketing sas

Financial Trading: Here we show you how to design and deploy an affiliate platform for a financial trading platform

Integration Based Affiliate Program
affiliate marketing case study

Credit Card Processing Company: Here we show you how to build out and deploy an affiliate platform for a credit card processing company.

Case Study : Consultancy
affiliate marketing case study consultancy

Finacial sercices company: Here we show how to design and build out an affiliate program for a financial services company.

Case Study : Retail Client
affiliate marketing retail

Retail Client: Here we show you from start to finish how to build out an affiliate program for a retail client.

Case Study : You!
affiliate marketing tutorial

If you can’t adapt one of the case studies for your company I will do it for you and add it as a case study!

Questions And Answers:

Yes if you need anything I am available via email most of the time and at weekends. I want you to succeed so I am willing to be your co-pilot!

This can be used for B2B, B2C, SaaS, Consultancies etc. 

Yes the only cost is the course fee. There are no upsells etc.

You need to buy in an affiliate platform which can cost anywhere from $50 per month upwards.

This starts at the absolute beginning and works up so it really doesn’t matter what level you are to start with.

The courses are anything from 3 to 10 hours. The courses are split up into sections which range from 5 minute to 30 minutes videos so you don’t have to sit there and do the full course in one go.

Yes you will get a business invoice which you can use to write off against any tax bill you may have!

No all the courses are pre-recorded. You can go in at your leisure. 

You have life time access and get any updates to the course you buy for free.